Sehat to conduct Nationwide Survey on Dengue (ProPakistani)


ProPakistani promotes Sehat’s initiative of notifying customers of the Dengue Vaccine’s arrival in Pakistani markets

Sehat to Conduct Nationwide Survey for Dengue Vaccination –  March 24, 2017

Purple Cow Strikes Again (Profit Magazine)


Sehat demoes alongside 4 other startups at Purple Cow

Purple Cow Strikes Again! (Profit Magazine – Pakistan Today) – February 22, 2017

Bilal Mumtaz talks about Sehat: Daily Pakistan



Bilal Mumtaz speaks to Daily Pakistan on Sehat and its progress

Sehat: Bilal Mumtaz speaks on the first ONLINE PHARMACY, First Aid Kits & Working towards a ‘Safer Pakistan’ – December 30, 2016

Fazal Din and Sons offering ‘Sehat’ (Profit Magazine)


Director Bilal Mumtaz and CEO Nadir Mumtaz give Profit Magazine an interview on Sehat

Fazal DIn & Sons Offering ‘Sehat’ – Profit Magazine (PakistanToday) – December 13, 2016

Sehat proudly makes it into the third edition of Pakistan’s Leading Business Magazine.

TiE: Revolutionizing Healthcare Delivery in Pakistan


Sehat was part of the TiE Revolutionizing Healthcare Delivery in Pakistan panel

TiE – Revolutionizing Healthcare Delivery in Pakistan  (November 25, 2016, Lahore) [Royal Palm]

TiE Healthcare

TiE – Revolutionizing Healthcare Delivery in Pakistan  (November 25, 2016, Lahore) [Royal Palm]

Pakistan Cricket Museum Partnership – PakistanToday

bilal-mumtaz-sehat-com-pk-online-pharmacy-pakistantoday-opinion-editorial-oped-lahore-sundaynews-newspaper-onlinemedia-collaboration-lawrencegardens-pakistan-cricket-museum-najum-latif Director Bilal Mumtaz writes about the partnership

Pakistan Cricket Museum – A Diamond in the Rough (July 24, 2016) – Lahore is a partner of Pakistan Cricket Museum, in providing sponsorship to their events and preserving the rich cricketing history of Pakistan through extended promotion.

Startup-Band Aid (Newsweek)


Sehat is featured on Newsweek’s Article on Healthcare Startups in Pakistan

Newsweek Pakistan – May 28, 2016

Nadir Mumtaz, CEO of Apothecare, explains how beneficial it can be to use an online pharmacy for delivering life saving drugs, and the issues with supply chain management of decentralized pharmacy branches now commonplace in Pakistan